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Macro-friendly meal plans for women 40+ and their families!

Finally, a weekly meal plan that makes feeding your family, even while counting macros, easy and delicious. Regain your energy during peri-menopause and menopause and kickstart fat burning.

Improve your body composition while eating deliciously with our different meal plans:

✓ Our weekly Wellness Meal Plan

✓ 6-week Healer + Fat Loss Meal Plan

✓ 6-week FODMAPS Meal Plan

Includes: Expertly macro-balanced menus with shopping lists, over 1,500 delicious recipes, and tips to look and feel amazing!

Download it here and start your 14-day free trial:

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Our easy meal plans will maximize both your time and your budget without sacrificing quality and taste.

Stop wasting time searching for macro-friendly recipes.

✓ Have more than 1,500 recipes to choose from!

Eat healthier with our high-protein, high-fiber, veggie-packed meals.

Feel satisfied with our healthy high-volume recipes.

Spend less money only buying what you need.

✓ Cook meals your whole family will love.

Also included in your membership: Specialized Meal Plans tailored to your diverse needs: Family Friendly Wellness Meal Plan, Healer and Fat Loss, and FODMAPS.

New are uploaded to your Glow App all the time!

WE help you meet your goals

With the Glow Kitchen interactive shopping list, grocery shopping becomes a breeze.

Change of plans? Edit the number of servings of each dish which simultaneously updates your shopping list.

Our weekly meal plans include breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as an optional 4th item to help you meet your macro-goals.


the best tips!

Explore our Glow Tips section where Rosé, our founder and macro-coach, gives you nutrition, health, and lifestyle tips.

Glow Kitchen was created to support women and their families live a lifestyle full of energy and health by eating clean, convenient, and delicious foods.

Our Glow Tips section was created to enrich you with different wellness topics that our meal plans are based on. From fitness, to lifestyle and nutrition information and hacks.

different meal plans for different needs


Stay on top of your active and busy lifestyle with this family-friendly weekly meal-planning solution.

With daily balanced macro-nutrients to support your family’s busy lifestyle. Designed to help you eat well and save time while you optimize your health.


Start your journey with Glow Kitchen with this 6-week metabolic boost. The Healer + Fat Loss Meal Plan is a metabolic reset program to reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity to help you kick-start fat burning.


This 6-week program was created to help SIBO and IBS symptoms.

Consists of restricting foods that are high in certain fermentable carbohydrates, which can exacerbate symptoms in individuals with irritable bowel syndrome or other gastrointestinal issues like SIBO.


Welcome! My name is Rosé Elder and I’m the founder of Glow Kitchen. As a wellness-macro coach, I created Glow because I wanted to give my customers the tools they needed for a healthier lifestyle. What started as a homemade website has quickly grown into this amazing app and a beautiful community of like-minded people.

With the new Glow Kitchen app, we show you that eating healthy and delicious is not only possible, it’s so much more satisfying!