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How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password using the email address you signed up to Glow Kitchen with here:

Do I have to prepare the same amount of servings for every dish?

Not at all, you can delete an item from the shopping list and add or delete servings on each recipe as well as in the shopping list section.

Can I switch a dish on my meal plan?

Your meal plan is designed with macro-balance in mind as well as a variety of foods. If there is a dish you would rather not prepare, click on it to “remove it from the shopping list” (right below the servings tab), or on remove it in the shopping list summary. To add a new dish you can add the ingredients manually on the “extras” tab on your shopping list. Soon the app will have the customization option, stay tuned.

How can I add a dish that isn’t on my meal plan to my shopping list?

To add a new dish you can add the ingredients manually on the “extras” tab on your shopping list. Soon the app will have the customization option, stay tuned.

Can I add a dessert option to my menu?

Of course, we give you suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add more items. We have a large selection of snacks, smoothies, desserts, salads, soups, beverages and more, that you can enjoy along with your meal plan.

The shopping list has a lot of items and I already have a lot of them. What can I do?

Before doing your shopping at the grocery store or online, select all the items that you already have. They will automatically move to the bottom of the list so you can get better organized.

What is the Healer Program?

In Glow Kitchen we understand that 80% of people are insulin resistant and need a different diet to revert it and optimize their metabolism. There are also 10% of people diagnosed with hypothyroidism and about 8% of the population in the United States suffers an autoimmune disease. With the collaboration of doctors and functional medicine experts we have created for you a special 6 week plan called The Healer. 

After six weeks with The Healer you will be ready for our Wellness menus. We will automatically transfer you to the Wellness menus so you can slowly reintroduce those foods we eliminated to provide your body with the variety, nutrients and fiber it needs to thrive.

Is there a way to know which ingredients on the shopping list go to which recipes?

Yes! Just keep pressing down gently on the item on the shopping list and the recipes that contain that ingredient will pop-up.

What health benefits am I getting from following the Glow Kitchen meal plans?

We have chef curated menus that are balanced by experts so you get all the nourishment you and your loved ones need to live a full life with energy and health.

All our delicious menus are anti-inflammatory by eliminating processed foods, added sugars, gluten and dairy products. But do not worry, you will be amazed at how easy it is to implement a healthy diet when you have the right tools.

I’m super busy, do you suggest I cook everything on the meal plan?

We suggest you pick your favorite dishes for the week and prepare more servings to be able to repeat during the week and be stress-free about meal planning.

What is the “get ahead” on the WKD for?

We believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with planning. At Glow we suggest you shop on Saturday and get ahead on Sunday if your week looks crazy busy. The “get ahead” section shows all the recipes that can be refrigerated or frozen so you have less to worry about during the weekdays.

If I select an item on the shopping list does that mean I need to buy it or I bought it already?

It means that either you already have it or you have already added it to your shopping cart. The items that are NOT selected are the ones  you still need to purchase.

Are all your recipes sugar, dairy, and gluten free?

Yes they are!

Should I start with the Healer Program?

That depends. If you are diagnosed with insulin resistance or diabetes, or maybe you have tried to eat healthy without seeing results in body composition, we suggest you start here. 

If you have never really experienced healthy eating, the healer program might be better for you after a few weeks following the Wellness Meal Plans and you are more adapted to this way of eating. If you go directly to the Healer Program you might feel a bit light headed.

Is Glow Kitchen made for weight loss?

Fat loss will be a “side effect” of eating healthier. More than weight loss, in Glow Kitchen our focus is on helping you re-gain a healthy metabolism, which is how your cells receive energy. When a person has a healthy metabolism, body composition will improve.

What types of exercise do you suggest I add to the Meal Plans to improve my body composition?

We suggest you add strength training exercises with weights 3 times a week. Making sure you reach 10,000 steps a day is also key. Always consult with your doctor.

Where is Glow Kitchen from?

San Diego, California in the United States. It’s a woman-founded company.

Can I customize the ingredients? For example: If I am allergic to eggs, eliminate all of the items that have eggs?

Not yet, but it’s in the works. For now, we suggest you tap on the shopping list section on the ingredient you are allergic to so you learn which recipes have that specific ingredient and you can substitute it/them with a different dish.

What are the “Quick Fixes” in the recipe library items for?

They are great as a quick snack or as an easy mid-day quick lunch for school or at work.

Where can I see “My Favorites”?

On the Recipe Library section at the top you will find the tab for your favorites.

What do I do if I can’t find a certain ingredient?

In Glow Kitchen we believe adapting to what you can find where you live is essential. If you can’t find an ingredient where, just substitute for something similar. The same applies if you don’t like chicken for example, you can switch for turkey or for fish. If it’s a key ingredient that can’t be substituted, you can skip that recipe and find something else that works for you.

How to contact us?

The best way to contact us is to email us to:

What do you mean by “macros” or “macro-nutrients”?

Macros are the nutrients that provide you with energy. There are 3 macros: Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats. Their balance is important because each macro serves for different functions in your metabolic processes.

When do you suggest I drink the smoothies?

When the breakfast dish for that day has less than 30g of protein a smoothie would be a great addition. Smoothies are also a great breakfast option for busy work/school mornings. Smoothies are also a great and balanced snack option.

Can children drink smoothies?

Of course, just with one tweak. Children don’t need a full serving of protein powder, so if it’s a young child use half of the suggested serving size. If your child suffers from a kidney condition or any other medical condition, ask his/her doctor.

Is Glow Kitchen safe for everyone?

Glow Kitchen is a meal plan and recipe app that provides you with healthy meal options. Our priority in Glow Kitchen is and will always be your health. Our recipes are safe to be consumed by everyone. If you are suffering from a medical condition you should always ask your doctor.

Do you do collaborate with other chefs?

We do! We love to work with like minded chefs to bring new flavors to Glow Kitchen.

Where are these recipes created?

In our test kitchen! We create the recipes from scratch with our in-house chefs.

What is the Glow Tips section about?

Rosé Elder, our founder, is very passionate about helping people improve their lifestyle. She is also a health coach helping women through the changes of middle age. In the Glow Tips section she will give you great lifestyle tips to improve your health and your health knowledge. You will get a notification when a new glow tip is added to the app.

How do I know if I’m forgetting to buy something?

The Shopping tab will have a little pink bell. When you have done all the shopping for the week, you will see a white circle with a check mark.

Can I add other items to my shopping list that are not related to my meal plans?

Of course! Go to the shopping section, slide the top options left until you see the “extras” option. There you can add any item to your shopping list, for example: paper towels. Once you have added that item to your cart don’t forget to check it off.

Are all the meal plan days balanced the same way?

No! In fact we have a couple of days where we add more healthy fats and lower your carbohydrate intake to keep your body guessing. This will help improve your metabolism.

Can I see my menu in a “weekly” format?

Yes! On the My Plan tab at the top of the screen you will see a toggle tab to switch between day and week views.

What is the “Prep for Tomorrow” section on the WKD and at the bottom of each plan for?

We don’t want you to skip a meal because you forgot to thaw your protein or the dishes you got ahead on. This section is a friendly reminder the night before to thaw your items for the next day in the refrigerator.

What should I eat during the weekend?

Feel free to go to your favorite spot or order in; We believe that life is about balance. Choose healthy options most of the time. You can also try a new dish from our extensive recipe library. We have the best protein waffle options available so you can have a fun waffle breakfast morning with your loved ones.

Can I repeat a menu?

Of course! But take screenshots because the menus keep changing every week. At Glow Kitchen we LOVE variety. You can also add your favorite items to your “favorites” section on the recipe library to remember what items you wish to prepare again.

How many meal plan weeks can I see at once?

Three weeks. The last, the current and the next week.

How can I remove something from my favorites?

Just click again on the little heart at the top of the recipe.

How can I switch between different meal plans?

On the “My Plan” tab at the top right you will see the gear icon. Click on it. Then go to preferences. In that section you can change: language, servings per meal, primary large meal and your meal plan.

My Primary Large Meal of the day is usually lunch, can I switch lunch and dinner on my meal plan?

Yes! Just go to the gear icon at the top right of the “My Plan” tab and go to preferences. You will be given that option.

Is Glow Kitchen only in English?

No, we also have the Spanish version. You can switch the app language on the gear icon at the top right of the “My Plan” tab. Then go to “Preferences”. Choose Spanish and click “Save”. To switch back to English, it’s the same process.

Is there an iPad version? I prefer to use an iPad for meal preparation.

There isn’t (yet), BUT you can download the mobile version on your ipad and it looks amazing. The quality of the images works great on the bigger screen. Just make sure you have the same Apple ID that you have on the device you downloaded the app first.

Does Glow Kitchen only work for Apple products?

Yes, we are currently working on the Android version.